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Accelerated Urban Transit

Urban Rail Operators

Urban Rail Operators

SwissAI's simulation framework assists in optimising rail schedules and capacity, enhancing the efficiency of urban rail systems and improving passenger satisfaction.

Municipal Transport Authorities

Municipal Transport Authorities

Utilizing SwissAI's advanced analytics, authorities can strategically expand public transport services, catering to population demands and ensuring accessible city-wide mobility.

Commuters & City Dwellers

Commuters & City Dwellers

With SwissAI's data-driven approach, the daily travel experience is enhanced through better service reliability and reduced overcrowding, leading to a more pleasant urban living environment.

The Challenge -Urban Transit Efficacy

How to Optimise Public Transportation?

How to maintain profitability?
Version 1:
Leveraging data to keep operations within budget while meeting service expectations.

Version 2:
Deploying data-drivendemand forecasting and cost analysis to optimize service intervals and fleetutilization, ensuring urban rail systems meet both fiscal targets and ridershipsatisfaction.
How can we manage peak demand?
Version 1:
Effectively balancing load to ensure timely service and passenger comfort.

Version 2:
Implementing load forecasting and real-time service adjustments to manage commuter surges, enhancing transit reliability and alleviating congestion during peak travel windows.
How to predict future needs?
Version 1:
Utilizing predictive models to adapt to changing urban landscapes and travel patterns.

Version 2:
Employing AI-based trend analysis and scenario planning to anticipate and respond to urban growth patterns, ensuring agile and forward-thinking transit provisioning.
Where to allocate resources?
Version 1:
Strategic planning of infrastructure for maximised use and minimal downtime.

Version 2:
Leverage geospatial analytics and service demand modelling to guide capital and operational spending, aligning resources with high-impact transit corridors and future urban planning initiatives.
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Optimising Logistics in Japan


Increase in Occupancy



Tokyo's intricate transit landscape requires an advanced approach to navigate the dynamic interplay of passenger volumes and network capacity, ensuring profitability while expanding line utilization.


SwissAI's sophisticated simulation framework adeptly forecasted and adapted to Tokyo's transit fluctuations, guiding strategic line expansions and capacity enhancements to bolster utilization and ensure enduring profitability.

Transportation Goals

To Ensure You Achieve Your Objectives:

Economic Sustainability
To ensure the long-term profitability and viability of urban rail systems.
Passenger Flow Optimisation
To achieve smooth transit experiences by reducing bottlenecks and overcrowding.
Resilient Infrastructure
To create robust transit systems that withstand daily demands and future challenges.
Environmental Impact Reduction
To support sustainable urban growth with eco-friendly transportation solutions.
Enhanced Public Trust
To build a reliable public transit system that earns and retains commuter confidence.
Technological Integration
To incorporate cutting-edge tech for real-time system management and passenger information.

The Platform Capable of Achieving Your Goals:


AI Optimisation Platform for Fleet Operation
Discover advanced routing algorithms meet dynamic mobility simulations, offering unmatched scheduling precision and adaptability in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.
OFLEET's Operational Excellence

Streamlining Fleet Management

Demographic Analysis
Begins with a detailed assessment of fleet requirements and operational constraints, using city-wide data for comprehensive transport planning.
Dynamic Transit Simulation
Deploys AI-driven strategies for optimal fleet deployment, route planning, and ppplies advanced modelling to predict and manage the flow of passengers.
Proactive Infrastructure Planning
Anticipates future requirements and guides the development of sustainable transport networks.
Adaptive Optimisation
Continuously adjusts to real-time data, ensuring the fleet operates at peak efficiency.

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