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Our continuously updated proprietary global infrastructure database minimises customer effort for data gathering while enabling the optimisation of actionable strategies and direct operations for improved effectiveness and profitability.

Quantifying Added Value

Up to 33%

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Up to 11%

Increase in IRR

Up to 75%

Reduction in Costs of Sales


Tailored Insights Across Spectrum of Multiple Industries

Drive the Future of Mobility

Redefining Intelligent Transportation

SwissAI transforms automotive mobility by predicting individual needs and vehicle demand, optimising charger utilisation, and improving capacity planning to have a connected, profitable system. Experience real-time fleet management with our multimodal mobility solutions.

Energy Transformation

Intelligent Energy Planning and Management

By harnessing the power of AI for demand forecasting, optimisation of supply, network assessment and energy mix planning and storage management, we are paving the way for a resilient and profitable energy ecosystem. Our platform provides comprehensive simulation across all energy carriers, from natural gas to electricity, increasing system resilience and profitability through intelligent data integration and planning of multiple carriers.

Reshaping Real Estate

Proactive Real Estate Development

SwissAI’s platform transforms residential and commercial real estate development with advanced demand forecasting and optimisation of functionalities, density and usage. Our dynamic digital-twin infrastructure model enables improved profitability, planning and analysis of people movements in complex urban environments, accounting for such factors as accessibility and changes in  transportation.

Logistics Redefined by AI

Efficient, Predictive Logistics Solutions

Revolutionise logistics with SwissAI, optimising schedules of vehicle dispatch and charging scheduling of e-vehicles, and minimising impact of traffic delays. Imagine a network where the location of each logistics centre is calibrated for peak efficiency and ready for future electrification of your fleet.
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From Static to Dynamic World Simulation

Harmonising Advanced AI Across Products for Integrated, Dynamic Simulation.  Our platform is centred around human behaviour. Over 1.6 billion people with various rhythms, from daily activities to lifetime changes, are modelled.

Human Centric AI
Agent Based Models GDPR-compliant
Detailed Machine Centric AI
Detailed Technology Models
Digital Twin Framework
Infrastructure & Built Environment
Dynamic Platform
Portfolio Optimisation across National Boundaries
Products we offer

Your Gateway to AI-Driven Success to Master the Future

SwissAI's Suite of Advanced Analytics and Predictive Intelligence Products


AI-Optimisation Platform for Electric Mobility

Streamline planning of EV transition including charging networks, and optimise operation of electro-mobility with precision and strategic AI-powered insights.


AI-Planning for Energy Transition

Evaluate and optimise renewable energy systems, providing essential data for site acquisition and portfolio optimisation.


Human-Centered Design and Acquisition

Leverage Advanced Digital Twin Technology for Futuristic Simulations as well as Real-Time Optimisation of Building Use, Investment Attractivity, Transit Demands, and Urban Dynamics.


AI-Optimisation Platform for Fleet Operation

Streamline fleet management with AI, optimising delivery schedules and routes in both planning and operations for cost-efficiency in any scenario.
Key Advantages

Benefits of SwissAI's Approach

Each Person Represented as a Human Digital Twin

At the core of our simulation platform is a human-centric AI approach. Every individual in the capture area is a dynamically modelled 'agent' with unique characteristics, memory, and learning capabilities. Each digital 'agent' takes decisions, yielding profound understanding of individual actions and preferences.

Dynamic Simulation & Real-Time Adaptation

SwissAI’s platform goes beyond traditional static models with the dynamic simulation of patterns of demand and usage of infrastructure. Our advanced simulations account for real-time human behaviour and continuously adapt to changes in supply and demand, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

From Seconds to Decades

SwissAI’s technology analyses and predicts scenarios over time-scales ranging from seconds, to allow for real time optimisation, to years into the future, giving a comprehensive view of long-term decision outcomes including investment potential and associated risks.

Full System Dynamics

SwissAI’s approach integrates both supply and demand, and thus provides a holistic yet detailed view of the impact of market dynamics, enabling strategic planning and real-time optimisation across industries

Financial Quantification as Common Denominator

SwissAI’s platform excels in translating complex technical and social data into actionable financial information, enabling businesses to make informed decisions of investments and operations to drive profitability.

Preparation & Adaption to Change

The platform allows for the easy integration of new data, trends, regulations, and changes of infrastructure, ensuring that strategies and decisions remain relevant and effective, also in unprecedented scenarios.

Locally Specific yet Globally Manageable

Our platform enables high-resolution dynamic modelling across large geographical areas and industries, providing detailed insights, yet allowing for coordinated planning & operations at specific sites.

Enhanced Risk Assessment Capabilities

SwissAI’s platform enhances risk assessment and enables the management of predicted risks, allowing for co-optimised decision-making across the spectrum of risks and opportunities.

SwissAI's Power Methodology

Way of Future Exploration


Start from Today and Explore Your Futures

This initial step involves the selection of external scenarios, defining internal business constraints, and creating trajectories, and running the platform to quantify various potential futures. It's focused on understanding the landscape of possibilities and interdependencies.

Decide on Future Key Performance Indicators

The second step is to quantify all options and their outcomes, optimise assets & portfolio, and ultimately select the most advantageous future. This step is crucial for quantified strategic decision-making.

Plan for Your Future and Design Operations

The final step is to explore the chosen future plan in detail, compare sensitivities of different factors, and create a roadmap for implementation and operations. This ensures that plans are robust, flexible, and ready for execution on a short time horizon.

Embrace a Future Crafted for Your Success

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